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UKAS Certificate
UKAS certification

  • Global network of technology partners and state of the art engineering, professional consultancy and production facilities.
  • Customized products with attention to detail for exquisite touch and features.
  • Best Metal fabrications process whether carbon steel, stainless steel or galvanized steel, Al Rajhi is the industry fabrication leader since 1973.
  • High safety standards and features
  • Trusted partner that delivers excellent client satisfaction.
  • Continuous client feedback and focus has grown our extensive client base.
  • Wide variety of products. As we customizing our range increase as per client requirements.
  • Expert materials selection, expert engineers and skilled labour.
  • Technological and Engineering expertise with state of the art equipment and tools.
  • ISO complaint with TUV Nord Certification and Quality control environment with zero defective parts target.
  • Quality control in everything we do from supplier selection to management of all process including after sales services.
  • Al Rajhi is well positioned to provide exceptional service related to our products, service engineering customization support to ensure we exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • Our highly skilled team with best –in-industry practices by use of best management systems for production. Procurement, assembly, fabrication, marketing, testing, Engineering & technological assistance, Quality control and other systems and processes to ensure 100 % client satisfaction.
  • Safety, durability and exquisite design and flexible manufacturing specific to client.
  • Warrant and Guarantee. We can include a warranty period as part of the price for up to 5 years.

Our Guarantee

  • First and foremost comes the quality of the work we are providing. Carefully implemented Management Systems have been put into place to ensure that this standard of quality is maintained through the whole manufacturing process. The entire staff are trained to operate to the company’s quality manual at all times. Through our simple and comprehensive procedures, we collect feedback from our customers and use it to continuously improve our services.
  • Second we appreciate the importance of reliability will always strive to fulfil our customers every needs. A regular pricing review ensures we stay competitive and on-time delivery is always given top priority.
  • Safety, durability and exquisite design and flexible manufacturing specific to client.
  • Warrant and Guarantee. We can include a warranty period as part of the price for up to 5 years.
  • We will also work with our customers to accommodate their needs to achieve their deadlines too.
  • We are Honest and transparent in our services. Whether is our fault or circumstances beyond our control, we will advise you of the issue as soon as possible and offer the very best solutions to resolve the situation by working closely with our client as one team..

Commitment to sustainability

  • Al Rajhi has created an enduring legacy of innovation and a dedication to delivering quality products. At the same time, we also understands the value and importance of preserving the environment. Our commitment to sustainability includes adopting environmental standard practices through responsible resource usage, material recycling, waste reduction, air emissions reductions, and energy conservation to help preserve the environment. Our conservation efforts are not only aimed at protecting the environment, but also to provide a safe, healthy workplace for our employees. We take our responsibilities seriously and are committed to sustaining the environment for generations to come.