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Who we are

We offer qualitative services in accordance with the Saudi Standard for Transport Vehicles



We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading transporting companies operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and enlist our name as one of your potential transporting contractors.

"Al Rajhi Transport" was established in 1973 and since then indulged in quality transportation services throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, GCC countries, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey etc.

We have a fleet of vehicles numbering over 600 comprising of flat bed trailers, low bed trailers, fuel tankers, chemical tankers and all size of containers etc. staffed and equipped to meet strict quality standards regulations of Saudi Standard for Transport Vehicles.

Within the Kingdom “Al Rajhi” has been acclaimed by different customers whom are being extended with quality services of our experienced personnel and has a command and know-how to meet the needs of our potential customers and adopt any given policy.

Our list of clientele spans the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and few notables are Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), Saudi Arabian Oil Company (ARAMCO), Saudi Iron & Steel Company (HADEED), SCECO, Saudi Formaldehyde Chemical Co Ltd (CHEMENOL), British Army, US Armed Forces, Saudi Arabian Mining Company (MA'ADEN), Modern Industries Company (MIC), AMINTIT , SHAHRA ,OLAYAN Group ,SULB, etc.

We will be obliged for your kind consideration to contemplate on our request to become one of your approved contractors.