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Al Rajhi Metal Industries Services

  • Design and Manufacture of different type of storage tanks
  • Design and manufacture of dump trucks and trailers
  • Design and manufacture of various types of trailers
  • Design and manufacture vacuum tanks
  • Design and manufacture acid tanks
  • Design and manufacture various types of silos
  • Design and manufacture of pipes ,baskets, sub-racks, junk bins etc
  • Design and manufacture gas busters
  • Surface preparation of metals structures and tasks to international standards using sand blasting, grit blasting as mediums in accordance with recognized specifications for steel structure painting
  • Customized fabrications of vehicle features, pipes and accessories
  • Special purpose truck bodies for deserts (like Cable Carrier, Passenger Carrier, service trucks and recording truck)
  • Protective coating application on all types of steel structures, tanks and equipment’s in accordance with international Standards
  • Construction of warehouse and office facilities