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Al Rajhi Rubber factory is an extension of the vibrant and charismatic entrepreneurship of Mr. Abdullah to enhance the quality image of the group to diversify to rubber products manufactured to client specification with the fines raw materials quality equipment and state of the art machinery, expert technician, innovative design and internationally leading client customization to present superior products at a competitive price for maximum satisfaction.

We Manufacture

  • Rubber Rollers
  • Extruded Products
  • Polyurethane products
  • Conveyor Belts including joining services
  • Rubber lining for anti-corrosion application
  • Molded Products
  • Rubber Lining Service
  • Fabricated Rubber
  • Customized Rubber Products as requested by clients
  • Coastal Guard boat for air lock inspection and joint

Technology & Skills

Import latest technology from industrially advanced countries for various rubber and polyurethane products and adapt to the local conditions by dedicated team of experienced rubber technologist & skilled and dedicated team of workforce operating in a high quality controlled environment producing the best rubber products and services.

Types of Rubber

Natural Rubber:
General Purpose Rubber with Excellent Dynamic and Mechanical Properties
General Purpose Rubber
Special Purpose Rubber with Excellent Oil & Fuel Resistance
Excellent Chemical, Acid and Weather Resistance
Excellent Flame Resistance & Good all Properties
Tough and Hard wearing for Dry Application
Excellent Resistance to High Temperature, Chemical & Solvents; Good Physical Properties
High Temperature Resistance & High Release Properties
Good Physical & Mechanical Properties

New products

Offshore drilling related rubber PIGGS and CUPS for pipe cleaning, gas pipeline cleaning materials EPDM water proofing system EPDM profiles building protection system Marine fenders Bridge bearing pad and expansion joint industrial sheeting & industrial surface protection and fabricated products as per client specification.

Why buy Rubber From Al Rajhi Rubber Factory ?

  • Excellent Quality Management system.
  • Better customer service than competitors.
  • On time delivery of products and service
  • Competitive price.
  • Advanced engineering drawings results in better design.
  • Excellent and satisfied client reference.
  • Technically competent team
  • Best quality raw materials ensured lasting products.
  • Innovative customization of products to client specification.
  • Trusted and reliable business partnership approach.
  • Committed to use best technology for manufacture and quality control.

Our Objective

  • To be a pioneer to cater the needs of customer in terms of quality of products and Service at a reasonable price delivered on time exceeding expectations for maximum satisfaction.
  • To improve the performance, the management of Al Rajhi Rubber Factory initiated the development of QMS in accordance to ISO 9001:2000 standard in every field of activities, which directly or indirectly contribute towards final product/service quality.

Our product line includes the manufacture of:

Polyurethane coated rollers
Polyurethane coated rollers
Polyurethane coated wheels
Re-rubberized grooved rollers
Re-rubberized rollers
Custom moulded products
Custom moulded products
Rubber lining for anti-crossion application
Rubber lining for anti-crossion application
Rubber lining for anti-crossion application
Extruder Profile